Financial Times

Financial Times Maintains Loyalty Among Global Business Readers

The Financial Times is a British newspaper that is issued in London England as well as in twenty more sites around the world. The most important competitor of the Financial Times newspaper is the US-based Wall Street Journal newspaper.

The paper started small, serving mainly City traders, also having a local rival, Financial News. As years went by the paper evolved, grew and increased its depth and width of coverage. The paper developed a network of correspondents around the world that reflected in their stories the move towards a global economy from the early days. The paper attributes very much of the quality and coverage on this network of correspondents that still holds very well until the present days.

The newspaper is usually divided into two parts: the first part covers national and international news, and the second part covers company and market news.

Financial Times offers content that contributes significantly their main newspaper; the most important is:

The Financial Times magazine; it is distributed in the weekend edition and parts of the magazine are included in the US printed edition of the newspaper
How to spend it; posh advice on how rich people can spend their wealth
Opinions; supports global markets and the world economy in general. Through Opinions, the paper supported Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown and Barrack Obama
The Lex column; covers business and financial news on a daily basis.

In 1995, Financial Times made it online, starting a Website. The site started with providing a high summary of worldwide news; the paper added stock prices in 1996. The second version of the site was launched in 1997. Gradually the site grew in content and services. Currently it is one of the few subscription-based newspaper sites (Wall Street Journal also supports this Business model). It is also possible to purchase online a printed Financial Times subscription. The users who visit are 3 million every month from the US alone. They are mostly single men with no kids, some college education and an average income of $30,000 – $50,000.

Financial Services

Financial Services Innovation: Something Is Missing!

One bank that has led the innovation agenda is Barclays.

In fact in the last few months Barclays announced the introduction of biometric finger scanning, as well as video banking. These innovations should improve both the customer experience and overall security measures… so are win-win for Barclays and its customers alike.

Video banking in particular seemed to take a few people by surprise. However, it makes perfect sense, and is likely to become commonplace across the industry over the next few years. In this respect, Barclays is leading the industry, and should be congratulated.

The Challenging part!

The challenge, as all financial services companies know, isn’t injecting a bit of innovation here or sprinkling a bit of magic dust here.

Everyone struggles with embedding innovation into complex multichannel environments, constrained by organisational silos, competing executive priorities and balanced against a ‘must do’ regulatory programme portfolio.

Providing a consistently good customer experience across multiple customer channels is hard now. In the future, it will can only really become harder!

One bank customer review really jumped out. A Business Banking customer, told us about his difficulty in getting in touch with his bank.

In his review, the customer started his customer journey via a broken web contact form, then went to Twitter, where after approximately 20 messages, a member of the business banking team, with no apparent knowledge of the Twitter conversation picked-up the phone. The customer labels this experience as ‘the general mess of their communications.’

Not so long ago, the use of twitter for many financial services organisation was in itself seen as a big innovative step. Engaging customers through multiple channels is great! But in this case the customer experience was clearly disjointed, and via Twitter Pete received replies from three other banks offering to take his business instead!

In this case, the customer’s expectation was clearly not met, and multichannel engagement did not work.

However, the future could be very bright!

The pace of innovation will likely not slow down. In fact, we believe that there is some pretty inspiring innovation not too far away that will really please customers. This has the potential to be great news!

Financial services firms will have to be better at implementing innovation, but also at performing all the core processes (e.g. making and receiving payments). After all, a beautifully designed app that doesn’t work really isn’t going to please customers for too long!

Innovation won’t build sustainable advantage

The innovation wave is picking up power. All organisations will join the wave, as no one can afford to be left behind. Some organisations will lead the charge, and others will do well to not fall too far behind.

That said, looking across the industry, all financial services companies need to get better at communicating, managing customer expectations and being more open. This is probably the hardest nut of all to crack, but vital if sustainable competitive advantage is to be gained. We argue that it should also be central to the innovation agenda.

Customers want to love the brands they shop, eat, travel and bank with! Innovation in financial services isn’t enough. To truly build sustainable advantage, financial services organisations must lead the customer trust and transparency agenda.

Online Financial News

Online Financial News – Easily Upgrade Your Financial Knowledge

Everybody needs finance to live happily. Finance can fulfill small and big needs easily. People work non-stop to earn income. It is important that one should stay updated with financial news all the time in order to grow more and to enhance their lifestyle. Earlier it was tough for people to keep themselves updated with financial news but with the blooming internet technology staying updated with finance news has become easier and convenient. Online financial news helps the people to upgrade their finance related knowledge in an efficient way.

The online financial news help to keep the various professionals, businessmen and even students to stay updated with the current happenings of various business and financial sectors. In order to grow in life and to make your dream come true staying upgraded with the currents trends can preferred to be the best option. With the help of online mode you can find there are various sites available, which are ready to advance your financial knowledge with a simple click of mouse.

In this fast pace of life and huge competition, staying updated with the latest trends can prove to be helpful in various ways. After liberalization and globalization the economy of the country is at the highest peak which has enhanced the business opportunities for the people. So, in order to manage these opportunities in better way, online financial news can prove to be an effective option to boost up relations with each other in terms of financial business activities.

The online financial news sites offer you the latest financial news around the world, while just sitting at the comfort from your home. You are suggested to do the research well and understand the concepts and motives behind financial news carefully. In this way only you can select the appropriate deal according to your requirements.

Online financial news educates the people with latest financial news that can help them to secure their future and expand their business accordingly. These sites enhance the knowledge of the people about financial market so that they cannot get mislead or puzzled while taking decision. These sites have solution for all financial queries of the people.

Finance News

The Importance of Keeping Up With Finance News

The modern world has numerous intricacies to it compounded by the realities of globalization and rapid technological advancements. What this means is that no one can decide to remain ignorant of their environment and all that is going on around the world as this directly or in directly affects our lives. Many people have always regarded financial issues as a preserve of the financial gurus and those who specialize in finance issues. Acquiring the knowledge of financial matters, at least the general matters, is essential for everyone.

Finance news keep you abreast with developments in various critical sectors of the either the national or international economy. For instance if you may want to keep abreast with opportunities that exist for you in domains like forex trader then you need to know what is happening in line with developments of the volatile stock market and money markets. On another front you may want to know where there are affordable foreclosure properties that you can makes the most of to get yourself that dream real estate property as your residence or for investment.

Many people are getting hands on with financial matters because it does not really take an expert to get into financial trade circle and the make the most of what the industry can offer. What happens in the finance world affects your life directly it does not matter if it happens on a national scale or international locale. The fact is that the global economy in intertwined such that financial matters in the Australia economy for instance may affect the whole of the global financial landscape, which has an impact on the state of the economies, inflation, interest rate, etc. These are kinds of issues that get to affect you directly.

Keeping abreast with financial developments has been quiet a critically important aspect in the recent global economic meltdown. The global financial sector has been riddled with negative developments which cost some people huge profits from various business ventures. Keeping up with finance news helped people to stay on the look out and alert on the next move to do for instance in terms of example selling property, buying a property, getting a bank loan etc. the principle of keeping pace with financial developments is very important especially for entrepreneur who want to keep a close eye on the financial developments every second in order to position themselves for expediency and survival.

Financial Aid

Good News – Financial Aid to Accomplish a Degree is Available From the Government

Attending college and continuing studies is the desire of many, but the main obstacle blocking their path is the college costs. Acquiring a degree pave ways to many benefits but lack of funds hinders their activities. However, financial aid available from the government is good news for many individuals desiring to become a degree holder.

The good news is that there are many resources to assist in meeting the college costs, but individuals in need have to read and learn more about it so that they understand the process to accomplish a degree for free. However, it is very important to know the college cost and the amount an individual will receive as aid. The amount given as aid is determined on the basis of income, investments and savings.

The federal government offers loans as well as grants to parents and students so that they pay for college costs. They are given this assistance so that their children do not suffer from lack of education. The Pell Grant is the main grant available to majority American students and they offer up to $4700 every year for your studies. This is a very beneficial grant as it need not be repaid, and is appropriate for families earning below $50,000 annually.

Perkins Loans are identical to the Pell Grants and are customized to suit students coming from families with low income. People qualifying for Perkins Loan receive up to $20,000 loan with a 5% fixed interest rate.

FAFSA is the pioneer treasure of state and federal financial assistance that is offering federal student aid. Students in need should apply for this financial package aid and acquire the benefit of education.

Majority students find it inevitable to continue their education without taking loans and Stafford Loans are found to be suitable as these loans are federally backed. They sanction up to $57,000 as loan for the entire college career and is worthy as they charge low interest rates being federally backed. The subsidized loans are available on meeting their eligibility requirements. Find out more on the internet for many more features of grants and loans.